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April 29, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

WBC--good luck on your first cycle. I'll be thinking of you and hoping your miracle comes soon! Feel free to email me at maya@dontcountyoureggs.com Would love to know who we have in common. Go Bears!
And thankful for the Love Prea! Sending it right back at ya!


Maya- I have been thinking about you and your story a lot lately. We have some similarities, you and I. I too am young-ish with DOR. Been trying for 2 years (including 3 medicated IUIs) with not the slightest hint of two lines. We too are closing the book on "6 more months of trying naturally" with TCM and acupuncture- only it's before our first IVF. I am desperately worried that we will find out the few eggs I do have are crap. I have my days of zen acceptance and days of misery, as do we all. Thank you for bringing the idea of embryo donation to my attention- I think it is something we will consider if the IVF does not go well. And thank you again for being the courageous voice of infertility for all of us. I have my moments when I want to join you, but then I am unable to force myself all of the way out of the closet.

Btw, I discovered that you and I are one degree of separation away- we have some college friends in common (although this particular friend knows you much much better than he knows me). Go Bears! ;)I am happy to share my personal email with you, if you are interested.

I wish you and Noah the best as you seek your Momotaro. Your time will come!


Maya, you have become a brave woman in this journey..I pray that you are guided and guarded well..take care and love yourself a lot.

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