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July 13, 2016


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While we were in the NICU with our premature boy, (he's 5 mo. now and doing amazing) we bought a Dr. Suess collection to read to him. Horton Hatches the egg happened to be one of the stories. Love it. Guess it's a good start!
I appreciate your point of view yasmara, I'm feeling torn these days. I am usually an open book, but it felt different once he was born. We live in a very small town, so I guess I am concerned for his privacy..
Maya, if you read old comments, yes please to the ED/EA group! I think it would be so helpful in the years to come. Good luck everyone

Pamela Olson

I always imagine a story about rescuing the princess (or prince) from a dark, cold cave. But is that to existential / scary?


We did something similar - we always talked about how the doctors helped us make them & that Younger Son was stored in a special freezer when he was just 8 cells. They grew up knowing that we used technology to help have them (in our case, IVF & FET) and it was never a surprise or swept under the rug. What's interesting is that whenever I refer to our infertility, I find other stories come out of the woodwork. We just found out that Older Son's BFF was a donor egg conception and a soccer teammate of Younger Son was a FET. The more we talk openly, the better.

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