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I'm Maya. I'm 35. I tried to make a baby with my husband Noah for over four years. He's 36. The first year we tried on our own, the old fashioned way. The second year we tried with help, the A.R.T way. Then we tried anything and everything we could because time and options were running out. Though I'm in my thirties, my ovaries think they are closer to fifty. I have Diminished Ovarian Reserve, and after one failed IVF cycle, two failed IUIs, and one failed IVF cycle using my sister's donated eggs, we also have Diminished Cash Reserve. In the summer of 2014 we did an FET with an anonymously donated embryo, and it worked. So here we are, just your average couple, living in Los Angeles, who tried to make a family by whatever means necessary. We share our stories with others who struggle in hopes of easing the isolation and frustration that infertility brings.

ABOUT THIS BLOG: Everything before July 2014 is focused on infertility, procedures, and how to cope. I write a lot about relationships, difficult decision making (like with 3rd party reproduction) and basic survival skills for living on IF Island. I also know how hard it is when someone, anyone, gets pregnant, so note that after July 2014, pregnancy is mentioned. Hopefully this gives people hope that babies can be made in alternative ways, even after years of disappointment.

On March 20, 2015, I gave birth to our baby girl, conceived via embryo donation. I write about parenting after IF on Mondays (called Momo Monday) and about infertility topics on Friday (Flashback Friday) and lots of other stuff in between.

My husband and I are also making a film about our journey and about making modern families. You can watch the extended trailer here:

or visit the film's official website:

I post VIDEO as well so if you visit the archives and click VIDEO you can meet us and some other IF Island survivors who have found alternative ways to build their families.

One disclaimer here is that I am in NO way a doctor or medical expert. I may share some coping strategies I've used myself but I am also not writing this as a therapist (though I am a psychotherapist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, you can check out my website at But here I'm just a gal who wants a baby and is having a hard time getting one. Everything on this blog is just my opinion.