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September 06, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks Rita! It's a very isolating experience and we will be OK. I think we have to do like Dina and treat ourselves as much as possible. Be kind to ourselves. Take a spa day or a day off work or eat something delicious. Unfortunately many of my treat myself moments involve actual treats which isn't helping the post IVF belly situation, but who cares. Finding things that make us happy are soooo important. For so long I thought a baby was the only thing that could make me happy. But when I expanded my roster of things that help me smile I felt so much more balanced and at peace. A baby doesn't want to come to a woman seething with anger and jealous and sadness. So I vowed to let that woman come for a visit every now and then, because that's being honest to myself, but then gently showing her the door. Sometimes I have to slam it in her face, other times a big bowl of mint chip ice cream or a massage will do. Take care of yourself ladies! You deserve it. We are fighters and though this world makes no sense at all one day we will be out of it and we will get to be survivors who think about infertility in the past tense. One day. Sending love. m


I just came across your blog and wanted to let you know you make me feel less alone. I've had a number of similar experiences in the world of IVF and babymaking. Thanks for the reminder that we will be OK. Sometimes it is hard to remember that and the anger, frustration, and sadness completely take over. Best of luck with your journey. I am rooting for you guys!


I'm also planning things to do which have nothing to do with babymaking. My sister and I are going to go to a spa one saturday in october and just relax. I need those things to survive. A few hours with just focus on me.

I'm hoping to find other things that will make me happy.

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