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October 22, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

HAHA! KB, I LOVE it! A ridiculous theme song or just a moment of silly breaks up the intensity some times. I did my last omnitrope shot this morning and wish we had a little more fist bumping action. I would say "next time" but please let there NEVER be a next time! Thanks for the sunshine from Seattle! That's where my Hubs is from so we know aall about the rain! Keep on dancin'!


How inspiring! Great post, Maya. It reminded me of something my husband has been doing that has led us to literally dance through some of the harder moments, and I can't help but share this, if you don't mind!

This is our first round of IVF after two years of trying (including one year of IUI's, and many many months of "maybe we DO just need to drink wine and relax!" (which also didn't work).) I am a Type A, "holy crap what is next, let's google it and figure this s&*t out!" kind of a gal, and my husband is calm, solid, totally undramatic. He diffuses me with humor, oftentimes at the most unexpected moment.

We did shots for the first time EVER over a week ago, and the second night was almost MORE nervous to do them than I was the first. With the meds lined up and ready to go, hubby said "hang on a sec". He hit "play" on his iPhone... and out came THIS song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNtTEibFvlQ (pardon the language, but just scroll to the chorus around :44 in. "Shots" by LMFAO.)

Playing a crazy rap song and lip-syncing/pumping our fists became our 'dancing in the rain' kind of a moment, and we've played it every night before the shots since. I know it sounds super silly, but there's something about hearing Lil' Jon yell "YEEAH!" into that shouty chorus that totally made us laugh every time- especially since we never thought we'd be chanting 'shots' and meaning THIS kind. Ugh.

Your post reminded me that we all need to treasure those moments while we're here on this god-forsaken island! Sending strong positive rain-dancing vibes your way from Seattle! :)(we know rain here, after all)

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