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October 31, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Hey KB. Thanks for being such an awesome cheerleader! Hope the OHSS isn't too bad (I wouldn't know, my ovaries go on strike when I'm stimulating...I was on 8 vials of menopur at one point, EIGHT and my ovaries were like, "bring it on, who cares!" I hear OHSS can be painful though, but hopefully you got a lot of eggs and they'll be ready to transfer for ya when your body is ready! Good luck!


Crossing everything for you (and for you too, Samantha!). I can relate! I think our neighbors think I'm THAT LADY... the "crazy one without kids!" Now I will admit, the crazy is not BECAUSE I don't have kids (lol) but, whatever. We just had our egg retrieval a week ago and will do a frozen transfer hopefully in a month (have to let my OHSS die down) so I am following your story with much interest and compassion, as I now understand more of what this journey is about. Positive vibes to all- may this Halloween be a small price to pay for many you'll have with your kids in the years to come :)

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hoo ha goo. It's glorious. But I heard the shots are super painful. You're a tough cookie! 17 weeks, that's great! Congrats. I hope Ranger is still in there! I keep worrying if that if I go up and down the stairs too many times Ranger will get squished or something. I have to relax. thanks for crossing everything. Just don't cross your eyes. So not worth it!


Oh the progesterone...are you doing hoo-hah goo or shots? I did the shots for about four months, the bloating is just quite amazing. I am 17w after our first IVF, we only ended up with one to transfer, go Lone Rangers!!!! It's perfectly fine to feel nothing, everyone is so different that it's hard to go by. Waiting for the blood test is the hardest thing! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed, your Lone Ranger looked like a strong and healthy blastocyst so hopefully it's busy doing it's thing!!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for being a Halloween homebody like me tonight! Samantha, remind me where you are in your process, if you feel like sharing. No symptoms other than the gigantic left boob syndrome I get with progesterone. I wish I felt something. Anything! But nope. Anyone else have any super early symptoms? I guess everyone is different and symptoms can be so misinterpreted. Thanks for the support!


Hang in there sweetie! I am spending the evening ordering take out and watching a movie too, maybe next year I will have more Halloween spirit! Anyways, how are you feeling? Anything interesting to report? My Dr told me not to expect any symptoms, but everyone is different.

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