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November 25, 2013


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I was just debating if I felt like decorating...I kinda skipped on Halloween and Thanksgiving...I just was not feeling it this year... Xmas is no different. For me it marks when my husband and I decided to start trying...he gave me a copy of what to expect, and now it sits in a drawer along with some maternity clothes I bought on clearance around the same time. So much time has passed since then...part of me wants to throw the clothes and book away and a part of me doesn't cause I don't want to give up...this year is gonna be a rough one...need to get through it and gear up for IVF #2 in 1/2014. Good luck ladies

Don't Count Your Eggs

Good luck gals! I hope you both have a wonderful holiday. When in doubt, stuff your face. That will be my motto.


Ugh, this is so true. This has been my biggest struggle though 6 years of infertility. I don't know how to shake that infertility is a part of me now. I have isolated for so long. I have pushed away from so many people & functions that I don't know how to get back in it. I have really decided to try & enjoy the holidays this year. We can do this! Keep smiling! Happy Holidays to you!


I hear you. The holidays are particularly rough. I know this is odd, but I think you mentioned Noah being from the Seattle area, and I just want you to know I live here and am happy to email with you/meet for coffee anything you need if I'm able while you are here. Email me if you need anything- my email address should be on my response but if not let me know!

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