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November 01, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for this kind comment Maria. Staying calm all the time has not be possible for me--I try my best, but let's get real. This is all so stressful! Be good to yourself and don't blame yourself for anything. We all do our best. I wish you so much luck with this next round. Tell yourself the baby that's meant to be your will find you some how! I'll be thinking of you.

María Eugenia

Dear Maya, I just wanted to thank you four sharing your story. You hava such a strong character (I'm argentinian so I'm sorry if I make mistakes in my writting)
Until now all the women I found were very calmed. And I thought well, this is why I'm not getting pregnant, but seeing you, with your struggles, and seeing you cry, and still do yoga, or meditate, and figthing for your dream to become a mother, it was inspiring.
You meke me think that there's hope for someone like me, who just can't get ride of fear. I can't do it and I Don't want that to be another reason to feel guilty.
We're trying a second round of IVF with egg donor. So, wish me luck.

I hope your baby is growing stronger and stronger every day. You guys have fought so hard to get there, and you will!!!!Keep us posted about that. Your story is a symbol of triumph for the rest of us

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