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November 24, 2013


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Damn, this is beautiful. And so are you!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks Ariel! I appreciate the support. I'm having a hard time seeing any light at the end of the tunnel right now but guess I have to keep moving forward to find it. I was on DHEA for a while and didn't notice much difference. My doc didn't seem too impressed with it either but maybe I should revisit. Thanks for the tip. Best to you!


Hi Maya, I found your blog on LFCA and am popping by to send some support and encouragement. I like this post and especially your analogy between what we tell ourselves and the food we eat. I remember the times I used to be strict about what I ate but was so negative about everything. It's a tough and lonely journey but you'll get there. By the way, for DOR, DHEA should help (if you're not taking that already).

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks Pria! And wow Cheryl! Your body can and does do amazing things! It's so unfortunate that IF treatments really rob us of feeling good in our bodies. But I'm glad you're finding ways of getting that back! Good luck to you both.


Wow, what an incredible post! I couldn't agree more. I used to be a competitive triathlete. I enjoyed the looks of amazement when friends inquired about my training or latest race results. I relished the pride in which my husband spoke of my abilities to others. My body could do things that most were not capable of doing. Then infertility hit. I stopped training for fear that it was interfering with me getting pregnant. So my body was not only no longer doing amazing things, it was downright failing me. The one thing that seemed like every woman could do, regardless of health or ability, was get pregnant. And yet it was the one thing that I couldn't do. I began to hate my body. I forgot about everything I had been capable of and solely defined myself as "broken." Just recently, after my 2nd failed IVF, I decided it was time to start appreciating my body again. And even though I still can't fully commit to training as I used to (I'm still pursuing treatment) I did sign up for a few marathons this year to give my body an opportunity to show me that it's still something special!


Hey Maya,
Just read your blog. I have been following your writing from the past one month. I relate to a lot of your experiences. Being on IF island does make one feel so futile and insufficient. But we must not lose hope and keep on being grateful to our bodies for being so resilient and strong. Take care Maya. I pray for you..

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