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December 20, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

You too Jackie! Have a wonderful, cozy, delicious holiday!


I can relate to this completely. I absolutely love your analogy to the yoga pose.
Have a great holiday,

Don't Count Your Eggs

I know. We have those same thoughts--do we get donated embryos for 10k or do we save up and spend a little (a lot) more money and get an egg donor so my husband has a shot at his own biology, or do we save up more money and go with the sure thing and just adopt? At some point we will just pull the trigger on something and move on, and that's it. You will too. If it's not going to be today then my theory is let it go and enjoy the day. Do something fun and delicious and snuggly! Happy Friday Ann Marie!

Ann Marie

I understand about flexibility. I am a planner. I made choices about my education, career, marriage, etc, but being IF island is not a choice. It is what we are given. Just like yourself, I am TRYING to be flexible here. I have even started to search egg donation websites ($10-$30,000)- I cannot believe the cost! Yikes! My husband wants a family so bad, and we are trying to come to terms with a baby being half his biological child and half someone else's. If we use donor eggs, at least I will always be the birth mom. Back to your "The "Right" decision vs. the Right Now Decision" post, do we try IVF 3 more times at $30,000, or one egg donor cycle for $30,000? Thank you for given me strength ~ and as much as you give out so many kinds words of encouragement ~ please know that you are a very special person and will be an amazing Mom!

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