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December 17, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Ladies. Thanks for following. So sorry you've been through so much and are just getting more bad news. IVF is so terrible and unfair and heartbreaking when you get that awful call. There no describing it really. I hope the holidays bring a little love and warmth and healing. Sending healing thoughts your way.


To add: I just got the news about my failed IVF cycle this week by the way. It has been four years of miscarriages, unsuccessful IUI and now this, so I'm looking for all the inspiration I can get right now.


Beautifully written (as always), Maya. Whether you're in the middle of a "process" or a lull, thinking of you and your amazing - and amazingly hard - journey. Your strength and candor inspire me.

Ann Marie

Hi Maya,
I recently discovered your blog when I was searching Google for learning how to cope - learning anything that might help me get through this - after my first IVF cycle. After 2 failed IUIs, a miscarriage, and now my golden hope - my 1st IVF cycle - it failed. I just got the call this past Saturday, the day we were scheduled to go in for transfer, that my embryo did not survive. We have been trying close to 2 yrs. I feel so much comfort in your blog, to hear someone else go through this and be so open, as I am very private about everything we have been through. My husband and I are trying to figure this out. We really want a family. Thanks for sharing your journey. I can relate.


To get to a new land you need to leave the shore and this is the lull that comes after each IF proceedure that we try. The boat will go as fast as it can , and we can't hurry it. So often when we feel frustrated that nothing is happening and we feel like we are in the middle of the ocean, we are actually on the way to somewhere life changing.

Your writing is helping me and others to feel comforted and connected. You are right that once you start on this journey you never truly 'take a break', it is always there as the elevator music even when your focus is temporarily shifted. But that's ok. We are changed forever (hopefully, eventually, for the better) x

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