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December 19, 2013


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Neon Princess--the decisions are crippling but I have found you're so right. Other life decisions now seem like no big deal. We'll probably never think twice about anything else ever again but the time we get off this Island. French Toast AND Eggs I say!


I am utterly indecisive as well. The decisions we have to make can be crippling some times. I feel like I'm going to be the most patient and yet self assured person after this journey...if it ever ends.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Mrs. H. Sorry #3 was a bust. It so hard. SO disappointing. So unfair. There is no wrong decision, I don't think. But there aren't always a lot of good choices. It sucks. I wish you the best and hope 2014 brings new luck. Ann Marie, you're not alone. Ever! We are all struggling with such similar feelings, it doesn't make the individual experience change necessarily, but feeling understood is important. I understand. We are all ready to get off the Island and I hope it happens for you soon. Wishing you both love and luck in the new year.

Ann Marie

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on decisions. I could relate to everything you have shared, as I feel stuck right now, but am in no rush to make a decision. Do we pay $10,000 for IVF#2, or keep trying naturally? May 2014 will be 2 yrs on IF island for us. I appreciate all of your writings, and you make me realize that I am not alone on my island, and there are people out there (you especially) who give me comfort.
~Ann Marie

Mrs. H

We just went through our third failed IVF cycle. We had decided it was our last one when we started it. And now I am in the same boat as you wondering and changing my mind about all the choices. More IVF (so much medication), donor egg?....try, try try again naturally? Always second guessing if I might be making the wrong decision. Is there a wrong decision?

I too wish we could just open a bottle of wine and have a surprise in 9 months.

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