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February 09, 2014


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This is so, so true. I absolutely agree that there is so much strength and support in sharing. I love the idea of this theatre. Wish there was one out this way on the East Coast. Maybe someday.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Veronica--welcome to the blog, and thanks for sharing. Congrats on your belly and I appreciate you being vocal about how you got it. It's a great way to make people more aware of the struggles many of us go through to create our family, and a really wonderful way to support others.
Jackie--you're so right on! But I would lose any game of 20 questions for a dislocated knee. It's just hard for people to know what to say or do, and it's too bad. The more we talk about it and normalize fertility struggles, perhaps the more others can be more understanding. Best to both of you!

Verónica Miño

Hi Maya, I just found out about your blog throught Fertility Authority, it's great and encouraging.
I've been through 3 cycles of Omifin, four rounds of IUI and one IVF which fortunately turn out to be the lucky one (we're 28 weeks pregnant now).
About your post, all I can say is that every time someone, just about anyone, asks about my round belly or my baby, I tell them that this is an IVF baby I've struggled for, a precious child, as they say. Why do I always do this? beause I want people to know that there's no shame in being infertile, yes, but especially because I want them to know that if they are going through the same nightmare I went through, they can come to me for encouragment, some basic knowledge or just a hug. I wish everyone would do the same, we could do so much together if this was not a terrible secret to keep...


Good post. I think about this all the time, too. It's fine to discuss a dislocated knee for example and people will ask 20 questions and sympathize. Not so much with infertility, even though the pain is much worse. I am glad you are so open! Oh, and that play sounds great. I will even be in Southern CA on vacation then with my husband, but we probably will be out of LA at that point heading to AZ. :(

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