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February 14, 2014


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So terrific. It takes so much for some of us, a whole lotta love to start…and then the village after that. Thank you for another terrific, comforting post. I've been blogging my "feelings" over at my own infertility blog, if you'd like to take a look. Happy thoughts to all of you!! http://www.theunpregnant.com


Beautifully written post. Sending prayers your way. Don't give up on your dream. Keep up the positive vibes. Thank you for sharing.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks so much ladies! There is totally witchcraft and wizardry involved Paula!
Samantha, I hope you're right about this year! Your support and well wishes are so appreciated! Good luck to you both.


Addictively reading your blog, beautifully written and probably the only "real, feelings and all" blog I have read. I am also (with the assistance of WAY too many people and WAY too many times having to show my private areas to others!!) trying to make a baby (I now think that witchcraft and wizardry are involved!!) and have felt this blog has shown in real terms the emotional roller coaster it is.
Keep writing! I hope you reach your destination soon. Lots of love xx


Thinking about you doll, and sending baby dust and vibes your way. I have to believe this is your year, or something is quite wrong with the Universe!!! Just keep all your energy positively focused on the end goal. *hugs*

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