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March 14, 2014


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Yes, you can say discrimination. <3


I am a devout Catholic with secondary infertility undergoing IVF once again and I feel for you. I believe that just as you can undergo cancer treatment in a Godly way, you can undergo infertility treatment in a Godly way. Just because a person chooses chemotherapy in hopes of eradicating their cancer doesn't mean they don't believe God is ultimately in control. So with IVF. In an abstract way I agree with the Church's teaching, which is consistently pro-life and therefore philosophically sound. However, on an individual basis it hurts God's people. I think we need the Catholic Church to set the bar high, but the problem is when people use it as an excuse to judge others. If they didn't act as Jesus would, you can, that is, love, forgive, move on. So hard to do. Rise above it all if you can.

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks for the support. I don't feel like I can just throw in the towel on this one...seems really unfair and like the term infertility is somehow equated with fetuses being grown in jars or something. I'll keep you posted but this is not over just yet...
And Emma, I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. Glad this blog has been helpful. It helps me so much to share so I thank everyone for reading and responding and sharing your own thoughts and experiences.


Hi, 2 weeks ago I had a CP with my final go of ICSI, we're out of money, luck and I think tears now. To go through all we have and be no closer to holding our own child feels at times unbearable. I just wanted to say I found your blog a week ago and it has helped me so much. All my friends are reading your posts so they can gain some insight into how we feel. You seem to word things perfectly and given those around me an understanding when I've not been able to even hold a conversation. I also wanted to thank your husband for always keep a diamond in your mind xxxxxxxx


I am SO angry for you right now. I know that's not helpful, but I am. I don't understand how the hypocrisy of these religious institutions continue to go mostly unchallenged. Sending love.

Daily Dose

I'm really sorry this happened to you. Doesn't seem right and at minimum, was really poor customer service not to communicate to you. On behalf of you, and other women like you (us), who need more gental care and understanding - I hope you keep letting them know.


Lisa {Amateur Nester}

Sigh... I previously worked for a Catholic employer, but I'm not Catholic. I had a similar situation when they didn't want to pay for birth control pills to control painful periods. (Despite the fact that I was unmarried and not in a relationship). I completely understand that religious organizations don't want to pay for something they consider wrong, but I also think that people of a different faith shouldn't be subject to those beliefs (especially when the employer chooses to hire people of different religions, as mine did). There has to be a middle ground or some kind of options for these types of situations. Best wishes as you deal with this.

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