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June 27, 2014


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Happy Belated Anniversary! It's amazing how living on the island can either make or break a relationship. I also believe that Justin and I's marriage is only stronger because of it. We started this process before we got married because of my age but had to wait until we were married and had insurance to go to an RE for a diagnosis. We will only have been married 2 years in November, but will hit 3 years on IF Island in October. I do know, that we will appreciate our children just that much more going through the struggles we've endured and will continue to endure how ever long it takes.

A Few Good Eggs

Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 6th a week before you. I couldn't agree more about these struggles making couples stronger (in the good cases - I know it can do the opposite as well). After losing our daughter, we both feel even closer to each other and more supportive. Hang in there and I hope you did something fun to celebrate!


Happy anniversary, you crazy kids! It's a great opportunity to celebrate the wonderful family you've already built; one that your baby-to-be will be lucky to be a part of.


LOVE this post!!!


Wow, you are so strong. Both of you. And you seem to have a great family. Larry´s comment made me cry. Im happy for you for having that. But of course not for beeing on the Island. We´re all too many here on this heartbreaking Place. I wish us all some good news soon.

Take care!


Happy anniversary! Very well said.


Happy Anniversary!

Couldn't have said it better myself! We have been on IF island for our entire marriage and I whole heartedly agree that we are stronger as a couple. I hope you have something wonderful and special planned!! Enjoy!

Larry Grobel

Happy Anniversary. Your mother and I were talking about the two of you last night, wondering if we could go through all you have without throwing in the towel. We're not sure. Your strength and determination throughout this ordeal is remarkable, and so is Noah's for being right there, even if he does sleep well at night (good for him!). One day you will be gearing your writing talents to other subjects, but thank goodness you are able to express yourself as well as you do. You're an inspiration--not only for others who are on the island with you, but for your parents, who are very proud of you both.

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