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July 20, 2014


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So much love and positive thoughts to you both. You guys make me feel less alone. Thank you. Voted and praying for that little embryo !!


Praying and praying for good news today !!!


Please, please, please let it be your time. Praying for you.


Sending good thoughts from WI! You guys have been on my mind this past weekend.


I'm freaking out on your behalf over here in NYC. Good luck!!!

A Few Good Eggs

So many good wishes for you both. Your post rang so familiar and I'm going to share it with my husband. Here's to good news tomorrow....


Thinking about you guys and hoping for good news today! xo


More luck coming your way from London...EVERYTHING IS CROSSED!!! xxx


Noah, you are a good man. Hoping hoping hoping that this is it for you guys!


Said a prayer for your beta tomorrow. Hoping so hard this is it for you guys.

My Life As A Case Study

Sending hope and prayers to you both! XOXO

Laura R.

I have so much hope for both of you this morning. Prayers and positive vibes headed your way.


Lots of luck from Canada!


Good post! And that meltdown is totally understandable! Voted last week! Praying for good news today!! :)


All the mangoes in the world for Maya! Sitting on needles here and waiting for good news.

I also think I'll show this post to my hubby. He's supportive and gives the least painful butt shots in the world, but it would probably feel good for him to know, he's not the only one to have to go through their spouse's hormonal rollercoasters. :)


Thinking of you! Fingers crossed!!


Wishing you the best of luck from Amsterdam! May you receive excellent news today!


Many best luck wishes are sent from Hong Kong too!!


Maya and Noah, my husband and are praying for you. It is your turn.


I'm crossing all my fingers and toes for you today and sending you a lot of courage for these last waiting hours!


Wishing you both the best of luck from London! I have been following your posts and have everything crossed for you today. Will vote now! X

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