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July 11, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks so much everyone! I feel like I have a Momo cheer squad! Stick embie stick! Maybe the french fry grease will help the cause, right? Julie, you're comment made me feel a lot better. As I was quickly walking to the light rail (Seattle's train system) yesterday, I started to panic--am I walking too fast? Is my core temp too hot? And I thought of your comment and your sleeping baby boy. It will be what it is. Trying to visualize! Good luck with your bed rest Denise and congrats on making it to transfer day! I always feel like that alone is a huge hurdle! And Corynn-- No trigger shot and no symptoms. Nada. Nothing. It's probably way too early. THanks again everyone!


sending positive sticky vibes your way!


Thinking about you Maya! Keep all of your thoughts positive and BELIEVE!!!!! Hang on tight Momotaro :)


Any symptoms or intuitions yet?! I just "knew" the day after my transfer and started getting faint positives 4 days past the (3 day) transfer. (btw - do you do a trigger shot for FET? I've only ever done fresh cycle).

Wishing and hoping and praying for you and Noah!!!!


Momo! Momo! Momo! Thinking of you & Noah. As a girl from Idaho, I am a firm believer that french fries are good for the soul ;) lots of love. xo


Thinking of you and praying!


Hang in there, hon. Wishing for you and Momotaro.


Good luck Maya!

Jill B @ hopinghopefloats.blogspot.com

Good luck!


Good luck


I hope so much this will work!!! Been following your blog for a couple of months now, and I love it. Good luck!!!


Good Luck Maya! I hope he is your sticky baby. We had our transfer yesterday as well. The bed rest thing does suck... BIG TIME! I am also so terrible with it :)


Good luck Maya! After my 5 day, we walked about a mile to a favourite restaurant. Spent a lot of time watching Archer & Arrested Development. So far so good!
Normally I'm not a deep fried person (ugh, sits in gut) but it helps with nausea. Weird.
Try to distract & treat yourself!


If it makes you feel any better, I have a friend who swears that eating french fries before and after her frozen transfer helped it work for her! No joke. They ARE warm, you know. ;)

Thinking warm thoughts for you guys. Don't stress about whether you're relaxing enough or not enough- just give yourself permission to be as you want to be, and know that you are doing everything you can. And if being stressed is part of that, that is ok too! I asked my acupuncturist yesterday "I'm having a hard time not drinking during my ivf break- I keep trying to relax and be a normal person, but then I think "is it better to deprive and avoid all this stuff?" And she looked at me, sighed, and said "honestly, you are wound up like a top and I think you should go ahead and drink that wine because in the end getting YOU to relax will be better all around." LOL.In other words, enjoy your hot beverages and warm socks. It's what works for you, darnit, and your little embryo knows that and is burrowing in as we speak.


I like Julie's idea about visualizing the pregnancy in your head and only thinking that it WILL work. I know that can be nearly impossible for you going through it. But it is so easy for me to do for you and for all the rest of us really who are hoping and praying for you anyway. So that's what I'm going to do...I will visualize this only working and I will visualize all your future memories of becoming a mom and a family. I will even throw in some morning sickness for good measure.


That's a good looking embryo! Best of luck!


Good luck Maya!!! Hope Momo is getting nice and comfy!!!!! Xx


Good luck Maya! I'm praying for you! Hope this helps you relax. I did IVF 5 years ago and ate all kinds of fast food, didn't do bed rest because my RE said it wasn't necessary. Got on a flight 3 days after my transfer and my beautiful little boy is sleeping in the room next door. The only thing I did was to think positive and did not allow a thought in my head that IVF would not work even thought the odds where against me because they had to do a day 2 transfer since only he had fertilized!!! Im sure this will work for you. Visualize it in your head. Your pregnancy and how your belly will start to grow soon.

A Few Good Eggs

Love the headshot! I'll be thinking of you. Good luck with the bed rest....


That's a good-looking embryo! And I can always use some more valium, too! Try not to worry about the French Fries. (Though I'm a total hypocrite for saying that. I had a similar freak out this week about potato chips). Fingers and toes and everything else crossed for you.

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