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October 06, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Hi Jojo and Anita-- yes. We all do or will have a different attitude and appreciation for sure. All the feelings of jealousy and frustration are really normal and does not make anyone a bad person. It makes us normal. WE just have to keep our eye on our own prize and know that our road is uniquely our own and that we are probably better for the difficult experiences we've had. Have a great weekend both of you!


I think nothing compares to the heartache of longing for that baby in the IF island. It all just feels so unfair...I sometimes wonder if it makes me a bad person to be jealous of happy P people, and to feel mad when those happy P and fertile people with kids rub it on your face as to how we can not comprehend how difficult it is to raise a child!
But getting online to read Momo chronicles really makes me happy and hopeful.
I send love and health your way, Maya.


I know so many of us lucky enough to be P after ART can relate to this. My silver lining has been that now that I finally have my baby, I find so much joy and gratitude in the small things. I see many of my 'fertile' new moms lament or stress about small 'inconveniences' of a newborn but I just feel joy that I get to have them. It was only in those moments that I finally no longer envied the fertiles for once. IThinking about you and sending you and Momo strength and love.

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