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December 25, 2014


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Don't Count Your Eggs

Thanks everyone! Anita, just a few more days. Ok, more than a few, I know it feels like eternity. But try to distract yourself--what will be will be. The best you can do is eat well, stay warm and hope for good news. We are all hoping for that for you too.


So adorable!! Glad to see you are enjoying the baby bump and ice cream situation!!

Lisa @ AmateurNester

Love the card!

Lindsay Monnier

I love your picture! Adorable:) Merry Christmas to you, Noah, and Momo!


Perfect!!! So excited for what is to come for you! Xo


Great, great photo! Merry Christmas to all three of you


Love this :) hope you guys have a wonderful holiday... Xo


To you and Noah also, Maya. 2015 would certainly start a new life for both of you with Momo's arrival. How exciting! From the card, its clear how prepared Noah is going to be. :)
I'm now 7dpt, and going crazy reading into each symptom. It does not help that progesterone gives all promising symptoms. You know the drill..My butt and joints are sore today with the progesterone shot. I think I jinxed it by saying that the shots are not that bad! :) I got dizzy in the shower today while washing my hair and threw up. I have had nausea from a day after the transfer..PROGESTERONE of course and this is the first time I've been on shots. Have to endure the suspense until the 2nd! :)

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