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December 10, 2014


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You are so right, Maya. Nothing teaches you about compromises in life better than the IF island. We have to be hopeful, flexible, accommodating and what be prepared for disappointments all along. I can totally relate to the naïve optimism I had when I had my first RE appointment. He liked my numbers and predicted a good response, which I did have but its irrelevant! I was again very optimistic in my second cycle based on my RE's judgement. He is one of the top REs in US and I felt that is all you need. But here I'm almost 4 years and still struggling. This was not what I expected of life, just as none of us did. But also teaches us that compromises are also a choice in life, does not necessarily mean defeat, and can often be an end to the struggles and the pain. Like making lemonade out of the lemons!


I almost only feel comfortable with bad news at this point. It will be another Xmas without a little one.


I feel like your posts always speak right at me! I'm newly pregnant via a loooong drawn out ivf and two FETs and was just diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma. Not as big as your blood monster, but scary. I'm extremely thankful to be pregnant, but I feel like I have PTSD. Everytime I get bad news I expect a bad outcome due to the the way the last couple years have gone down. Its just always something I guess and being patient and adjusting my expectations is a great reminder. Thanks for the great post!

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