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March 25, 2015


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Oh why I read this at work, I have no idea. I can not stop crying. A huge congratulations is in order!! You are so amazing and so very strong!! Momo is perfect, absolutely perfect!

Don't Count Your Eggs

Thank you so much for sharing your own stories and for understanding. I go back and forth between feeling like the birth is now in the past and all that matters is that Momo is here and healthy and feeling like OMG what just happened. Each one of us has to honor how we feel and I think the lessons on letter go just keep coming. Will write more about the birth later in the week. Thank you all again so much.


Maya, I have read your post several times and cannot stop crying. I'm so happy Momo is here, and that you are ok. I had an eerily similar complication at the birth of my first child, I lost 3 litres of blood and the doctors told me it was touch and go. That I should thank my lucky star that I am alive. And I do, but at the time I didn't realise how close I came to not seeing my daughter grow up. Those days in the ICU with the bakri balloon still haunt me, and it took a very long time before I could even think about getting pregnant again. And when we finally thought that we were ready, we couldn't get pregnant for years so we had to go the IVF route (which is how I came across your blog). I ended up getting pregnant on the second IVF attempt and now have a healthy baby boy, but the pregnancy made that terrible birth (and near death) experience resurface and I was diagnosed with PTSD. It was an enormously tough pregnancy, mentally, and I had to have a c-section in the end just so the doctors could ensure the same thing wouldn't happen again. My only advise to you is to deal with the trauma of your birth experience now, because it will come back at some point and it's awful when it does. Momo is perfect and I could not be happier for you and Noah. Thank you for writing this blog and sharing your intimate, personal struggle.

Molly (The Modern Belly)

I've been checking your blog every few days to see if Momo is already here, and it's so exciting to read that she's now 8 days old! Your birth story was so touching, like the the story of your entire journey. I hope that in the days to come your body will grow stronger and stronger, and I'm sure that having lovely Momo around will play a huge role in your recovery. You did it, Maya. The happy ending to your IF war story is finally here, and I can't put into words how excited and happy I am for you and Noah. Congratulations!


Good job, mama! I don't know if you read my birth story, but I came within one minute of a hysterectomy -- I wasn't eligible for the balloon. With everything we've been through, yeah, we deserved an easy go of things. But as you and I both know, it doesn't work like that... Anyway, our girls are awesome! Momo is exquisite, congrats to you all xo


That is one singularly beautiful baby. And one amazingly tough mom! Thank god you are both healthy and safe after such an ordeal. Lots of love. Miracles are everywhere!


Congratulations, Maya, Noah, and Momo! Welcome to the world! There's a book (On the Day You Were Born) that I read over and over to my daughter after struggling with infertility, a 30 hour labor, and breastfeeding "discomfort" - it just seemed so soft and true. Everything came together to bring her into the world, hard times came but then they went away and now you have her, your family, and all the amazingness ahead.

With love,


Maya, I have been following you since soon after I got my first DOR diagnosis and started looking for stories of other people going through what I did. I think you had just learned of the availability of what was to become Momo when I found your blog.

Thank you so much for the honest, detailed birth story. Throughout your journey, you've been so open. That openness has give others (me, for one) a real sense of not being alone.

I am so glad that both you and Momo are ok.

She is absolutely beautiful. And I have to say I see a strong family resemblance! I know it's odd for me to say so, and I'm not sure how you'll take it. But she's beautiful, and looks a lot like you and Noah!



Oh my, she is beautiful, I, too, cried reading this post. Congratulations on the fruits of your courage and plenty of happiness.


Wow! I cried tears of fear and happiness reading this. Your daughter is so perfect and precious. Congrats!


Wow!! Well done!!
Trust your instincts. Sleep when baby sleeps. Tell people what you need. Meals dropped off at the door are best. Visitors that keep it short and sweet. Cry when you need to. Kisses, kisses and more kisses. Don't push yourself to do too much too soon. Rest and take good care of yourself. ❤️


She's beautiful - congrats to you all. Glad you're home and happy as ever ;)


I've followed your blog for so long; your story has brought me encouragement, hope and determination. We welcomed our miracle baby 3 months ago on our last IVF attempt. Same as you, I was determined to be the author of my birth story and dreamt of it going perfectly according to my plan. Ha! I ended up a few days after discharge going into septic shock, and spent an entire week in the hospital without my sweet miracle. They brought in cardiac, infectious disease, the hole mine yards. It was the scariest and loneliest week of my life. Soak up every little snuggle all while taking careof yourself. Congratulations! Momo is perfect!


Ohhh Maya. So many Congratulations, best wishes and much love your way. I am on a babymoon in Acapulco and logged on just to check on Momo and you. Cried when I laid eyes on this cutest spring baby. Hugs to all of you. So wish to hold little Momo. Noah looks so tender and proud. So so happy for you guys. God is great and we are so blessed.

Lou UK

Huge congratulations. Thankyou for sharing this story of hope, and the photos. She is gorgeous and we are all sooooo happy for you xxx


Congrats! She is perfect, so are you, now text me back!


I have been following your blog for a while now, and this brought tears to my eyes. We too struggled with infertility, and I wanted a "redemptive" birth with my son. It felt like the only things I had control over were the circumstances of my labor/delivery, but then that, too was taken away. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and induced at 36 weeks. I labored for 30 hours with close to 3 hours of pushing. It was more than 6 years ago, but I still remember with crystal clarity the moment when my baby's heart rate crashed and the dr. calmly told me that if I didn't push the baby out that moment, she would have to use the vacuum. I became superwoman in that instant. I pushed so hard the doctor said she almost had to go across the street to catch him.

We are all superwomen - even those with easy pregnancies and "easy" deliveries. But you, mama, you are amazing. Thank you for sharing your story so publicly. I admire your determination and your spirit and am so happy for the birth of your healthy, beautiful baby girl.


I read this post about 4 times since 6 this morning trying to absorb all the details of your birth story. I love birth stories, and I think it's especially because of our shared fertility struggles - it's the culmination of the months and years of blood, sweat and tears to get to that moment. My heart was racing as I read about your laboring and the scary moments afterward when you had to be raced to surgery. I truly hope that everything is OK with you - remember to take care of yourself and rest even though the world completely revolves around her right now.
When I got to the part about the 11 people in the room I instantly thought how much I wished I could have been there too, cheering you on to the finish line. But I was there in spirit. We all were, even though we didn't know that you were going through it at the time.
You will be on a roller coaster of emotion for at least the next few weeks. That is normal. Please just remember that when you are doing the very best you can, you are being a great parent. There is no manual on this and you have already proven beyond the shadow of the doubt that you are a wonderful mama.
Congratulations on your beautiful, amazing baby girl.


Way to go! She is absolutely perfect in every way. What you have done is nothing short of amazing. Happiness and love to the 3 of you.


Congrats Maya and Noah on Momo's arrival!! So excited and happy to visit the blog after a while to read such great news!

Thank you for sharing your birthing story too; so amazing what you did! Momo is so precious and I know you guys will fall deeper in love with her with each day even as the amount of sleep you get dwindles. :P So so happy for you guys. Enjoy parenthood! <3


Congratulations!!!! I've been following your story since early last year and though I haven't commented as much, your story is so touching and beautiful, and you're absolutely amazing for going through everything you did! I had tears of joy when I read that Momo had finally come. I can't express how happy I am.
I can't wait to see more updates about Momo, I hope you will continue writing about your experiences. I'm just so very happy for you!!!


So so wonderful that Momo is here, congratulations!! She is just beautiful xo

Lindsay Monnier

I'm laughing and crying as I read this and just overwhelmed with happiness for you three! You are truly an inspiration to me Maya!!!


As if the universe needed more evidence of your strength and awesomeness. You are amazing. I can only imagine your joy but hope you remember that after such a trauma it takes a while for the fear and shock to truly subside. That and 9+ months of hormones leaving your body makes for the perfect storm of emotions. The joy will keep getting strong, don't judge yourself along the way. Xoxo


I agree with Carla, BF sucks to start. I think for me, around six weeks it finally clicked and we both seemed to get it. Hang in there! Don't worry or stress about it though, the only thing that really matters is that Momo eats - no matter how you decide to feed her.

She is so gorgeous, just perfect!! Congratulations on becoming Mama!!!

S Xx

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