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March 25, 2015


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You are a warrior- through and through. Congratulations. What a peaceful little beauty Momo is. The first few weeks are a twiligh zone of hormones, joy and sleep deprivation. Enjoy every moment but also know the fog lifts to even more joy!


I am just so unbelievably happy for you and Noah!!! Way to go, Mama!!! Enjoy every moment. :)


Wonderful! Amazing work, momma! How did you do it?? I gave birth without epidural but the pushing was quick and relatively easy. I can't imagine doing what you did! Breastfeeding is incredibly difficult the first week but if you can stick with it it pays off big time. Pretend you are on an island with nothing else to feed thebaby. No breast pump either. No formula or sugar water. An island like your IF island. That's what I told myself to stick with the first days of breastfeeding and figuring out the latch. It takes a ton of determination but your birth story shows you have that! So worth it in the end for the bond and oxytocin.

These pictures offer hope as our embryo adoption progresses slowly and fills us with worries about the uncertainties.

congratulations !!

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