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May 01, 2015


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I love this post - you have such a wonderful way with words! Thank you for infusing a little bit of hope into my day.


Maya- I admire you so much for continuing to post when you have a brand new baby and are technically on the other side. I am too but still feel so tied to this community and have never forgotten or lost sight of the battle and those still in the trenches. Hope you had a good weekend!


So I had my 2nd egg retrieval last Thursday, and from the 12 we retrieved, 6 are now being sent to the PGD lab to be tested for HD. I was talking to a girlfriend the other day, and was explaining that I don't want to get my hopes up too much, because the last batch of 4 that were tested, none of them were able to be transferred due to 3/4 having HD and the other one being abnormal. And then she said something to me that completely changed my perspective. And its totally a DUH moment, wrapped in an AH HA moment.

She believes ( and I am starting to) that the mind is an extremely powerful thing. She wants me to only believe and think that I will become pregnant. Those eggs (or at least a few) will NOT have HD and be perfect. I WILL have a baby in my arms from this. And what I kind of answered her back with, is she's totally right. I have to believe its going to all work out, because I didn't just go through two IVFs for nothing. I went through all the shots and the $$ and the emotions because I do want to believe with my whole heart that it will work. And now I just need to switch my thinking to envisioning myself pregnant. Its a tough idea, because we all know the reality of these situations. And I'm a total realist. :)

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